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Perfect for all astronomy and astrophotography beginners, amateurs, and even pros. Our selection of astro courses will allow you to delve further into the world of astronomy and astrophotography, develop new passions and skills, learn from the top instructors in the field, and connect with fellow astronomy lovers. 
Getting Started in Astrophotography
Want to explore the universe in a whole new way? In this 2.5 hour class, you’ll learn the basics of astrophotography and how to get into this fascinating hobby. Topics include types of astronomical objects and astrophotography, astrophotography equipment, how to use image processing software, and more. Taught by professional astrophotographer Gary Palmer.

Upcoming classes:
  • July 6, 2021 - 7PM (EDT)
Standard Ticket - $97  |  VIP Ticket - $197
Introduction to Solar Imaging
If you’re already fascinated by astrophotography, you’ll love solar imaging, as the sun is one of the most exquisite astronomical objects to capture! This course serves as a basic introduction, and covers topics such as what sorts of solar wavelengths can be viewed/imaged, the equipment needed, how to image the sun safely, how to use image processing software, and more. Taught by professional astrophotographer Gary Palmer.

Upcoming classes:
  • **Other classes will be added soon**
Standard Ticket - $97  |  VIP Ticket - $197
PixInsight Workshops: Mono Processing
Mastering the art of astrophotography also means mastering how to process the stunning images you’ve taken. This course is divided into 2 classes (Introduction and Intermediate), with the first being for beginners and the second being more advanced. These courses serve as PixInsight workshops, teaching students how to use the software as well as various processing techniques. Our Mono Processing workshop teaches students monitor calibration, how to process RGB images, noise control and editing, color palettes, and much more. Taught by professional astrophotographer Gary Palmer.

Upcoming classes:
  • July 17, 2021 - 7PM (EDT) - Intermediate
Standard Tickets (Sold Separately): $97 each
Standard Tickets (Beginner + Intermediate): $175
VIP Tickets: $100 extra
Lunar Image Processing 
Are you an astrophotographer who loves photographing the Moon or are looking to get into lunar photography? Would you like to learn how to process your photos professionally? In this 2.5 hour Lunar Image Processing class, you’ll learn everything there is to know about photographing the moon and processing your lunar images. You’ll learn the basics of lunar photography and post-processing, from the best equipment and composition to use to how to achieve the most stunning images of the moon using different editing software. Taught by professional astrophotographer Gary Palmer.

Upcoming classes:
  • **Classes will be added soon**
Standard Ticket - $97  |  VIP Ticket - $197
Avid astronomy lovers, the team at Ontario Telescope and Accessories created Astro Courses to provide hobbyists and astronomers with high-quality resources, access to the expertise of real professionals in the field, relevant, fun and educational content, and a space to share this great passion with the astronomy community. 

In attending our classes, you’ll:


Whether you’re a mere novice or a seasoned astronomist, our courses will allow you to take your love for astronomy and astrophotography to entirely new heights (literally!). You’ll be able to jump head-first into an entirely new hobby or, if you’re already well versed in astronomy and astrophotography, you’ll learn new skills from astro pros and keep practicing this great pastime.


Astronomy and astrophotography can be astronomically hard to get right, and while there are plenty of resources and videos online, nothing beats an expert’s advice. Our instructors have years of experience, so you’ll be able to rest assured knowing you’re learning from real pros.


Apart from being demanding, astronomy and astrophotography can also be rather time-consuming. Finding reputable, quality content can be a huge challenge in and of itself. By attending our classes, you’ll have saved hours upon hours on end researching the educational content you need to help you get started and master your hobbies.


All course VIP packages come with additional perks any astronomy lover is bound to love. Namely: permanent access to all class notes, recordings, and additional data sets, 2 months access to Gary Palmer’s private Astrophotography Facebook group, and a Ontario Telescope & Accessories gift card. If you really want to invest in your passion, our courses are the best way to do it!
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